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Thank you much @BSS-Commerce It worked!
Since you have 2 groups of products in your store - assigned to and not assigned to collection ,then you can do the following:1)Assign the same tag to ALL products in your store;For example use the tag "TEST";Once done proceed next;2)Filter the produ...
Hi there, I would like to implement a short Java Script code [<script src="https://www.dwin2.com/pub.1361825.min.js"></script>]on the whole site.This is to participate in AWIN program as a publisher and to integrate the Publisher Master Tag on my sto...
I can't agree more.Shopify staff often directs you to use plugging due to the lacking (very often) simple thing.
Is there any widget that allows to add products on either side of the blog section and maybe the other way around.I am using tens of apps,yet and to be honest I am not looking for another subscription again.Sad to say that the Shopify team doesn't ta...
Hello there, Presently after writing an article and adding relevant tags to the blog entry I am doing it one by one which is time-consuming when dealing with more than a few tags. Is there any way to add more than 1 tag at once?NB: if you enter tags ...
Hi there , where can I find the RSS of my blog?
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