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hi there, I'm having trouble with my formatting; it's all over the place. Where in the code bit I can I adjust the size and weight of the fonts? can't find it!  If anyone can help, please let me know.I'm also using the Gotham font family, but I'd lik...
Hello,  Im having a problem with something I thought is pretty basic: duplicating product template. according to all the guides it should be: online store - theme customise - templates - products - craete product - based on default product.  but here...
Hi,  I am trying to introduce filtering to one of the collections. The way it works: Each product has a desired tag--> tags make a collection--> collection links to menu-->menu links to filter selection. ...
Thank you very much. All works perfectly.  
Brilliant this worked. Is there any chance I can try and alight 'Account' to 'Bag' it seems to be some pixels off. Thanks for your help! 
sorry for silly questions but where exactly do I need to paste it? Where can I find <i class="icon-016"></i>
Oh god, sorry i forgot : theme is called Shella  best ,  
hi all,  I am struggling to change 'account' icon to  'ACCOUNT' text. Ideally, I would like to keep an icon and but also have 'ACCOUNT' written next to it ( the same as as current 'Bag)  Could someone help, I imagine its dead simple but non of the fo...
brilliant. all fixed. thank you! 
hi , sorry if I was not clear!  I would like product page to adapt to screen size in the same way as landing page does ( two screens attached from my 27" screen) As you see home page is full width (good) and product page its very narrow (not good) 
Hello there,  I just did and I am afraid it is not working.  
Hello,  I have done some changes to the landing page and collection pages (switching all the elements to full width) and this affected the product page and navigation shrinking it to not full width. I am struggling to locate the issue. Can someone he...
Brilliant thank you.  Very last small thing: while change worked great, there is this gap between products and 'explore our range' button. not sure how to deal with that! 
Hello,  Brilliant. This worked and collections are now full width. Thank you,  Would you be able to help me with the product carousel on home page so its full width as well? 
Great. Looking forward to potential sollution! 
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