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Hi, How can I increase the height of a featured image on the Debutify theme so that on mobile view is takes up more of the screen?  Thanks
Hi, I sent you a message with my url.
I have added my Klarna app block to my product page. However, it displays under my product images. How can I move it to be displayed under the Add to Cart button? Thanks
Hi, My klarna placement is currently at the bottom of my product page. I would like to move this under my add to cart button.  Can anyone help? Thanks
Hi, I am looking for help to move the product images on the product page slightly more to the right on desktop view only.  Thanks
Unfortunately didn't work. It is still using the first values. This is correct? <style>#shopify-section-template--14496620183681__main .product-single__meta--wrapper {padding-left: 16%;padding-right: 7%;}@media screen (min-width:320px) and (max-width...
Like this?<style>#shopify-section-template--14496620183681__main .product-single__meta--wrapper {padding-left: 16%;padding-right: 7%;}</style>@media screen (min-width:320px) and (max-width:767px){padding-left: 6%;padding-right: 1%;}
Hello @salmanmukhtar Thanks for this! It worked but also changed my mobile view, what do I need to add so it only applies to desktop?Thanks
I am using the debutify theme and would like to change the padding for the right grid item on the product page. When I view the page source, this is what it is currently set to:  If I paste this into my theme.scss but with different values, it doesn'...
@GabrielS Thank you! Can you please also let me know how to change the colour on links in the footer when they are active? 
How can I change the colour of text on the menu when it is selected in mobile? I am using the new dawn theme. Thanks
@Ahsan_ANC It is just the standard Dawn theme.
How can I increase the size of my products first image in mobile view only? 
How do I give different products different row content for the same block? For example, I have a collapsible row block called Materials. When I change the row content, it applies to all my products.
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