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@wearebandb  Another thing to check is the Scope of your UET tag and scope of your conversion goals are matching.  The scope of the conversion goal is adjusted when setting up the goal.  
Thanks for this info @jtaylormatchles . Did not realize how simple creating your own pixel was. Only thing different I did was instead of using the URL as the conversion destination, I changed that to a purchase event and then send the data to that p...
Not sure if this helps but i got this to give me the liquid collection object for this meta object. 
Thanks @PaulNewton. Make perfect sense. Will test a few of the suggestions you noted. Cheers! 
I need to access products in the collection.all.products array by a certain tag on a normal page template. I can't put this into their own seperate collection they need to be accessed in the collection.all collection. Is there any way i can do this v...
The "Discovered - currently not indexed" means that google knows that these pages exist but has not had time to crawl them yet. It's added them to the list of pages to crawl and will do so when it gets time. Is this a new website? Because yeh it does...
These docs are getting worse. It's in the "Show 5 hidden fields" of the fulfillment resource  
Yeh Shopify must have changed something in their backend. I would say that they have made it so if the "This is a physical product" option is selected then the product must now have a weight.If you have a rule set up for products to ship free if they...
Someone manually clicks the "Ready for pickup" button in the admin.
I have tried that and i don't get anything? After the order was marked "Ready for pickup" i went and checked the order and the fulliments object was just an empty array.  "fulfillments":  []
I can't find this anywhere?Can anyone let me know if there a webhook or any other way to get notified when an order is marked as ready for pickup in the admin?Thanks 
Thanks for replying Ilana. I ended up getting in contact with John Mueller from Google and a few of the SEO's that work at Shopify on twitter and they said they are all looking into it. So hopefully it gets sorted soon. No one wanted to know about it...
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