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Nope. No solution. Right now, I'm having to maintain separate repos for each storefront, which is a PITA...
What an insane process to have to go through to simply edit a price.
So when importing a product CSV file with metaobject references, any metafield containing metaobject references must use the ID, e.g.:["gid://shopify/Metaobject/7110654347","gid://shopify/Metaobject/7110682215"] This is super inconvenient to the poin...
I'm no expert on the API, but it seems that 'sku' should work in the 'Get product data' Edit query field:sku:100060 AND inventory_total:<=8You shouldn't need to use SKU in the email step because it's already been filtered by SKU in the query (I only ...
I set up a flow that does pretty much this (mine was a weekly email with separate lists for <=8 and 0 stock items):
Struggling with this solution. I'm pretty novice with GitHub so please correct me if I'm wrong with any of this: GitHub: main pushing theme files to several live branches using a workflow with paths-ignore excluding config and templates directories. ...
I've been looking for this solution for a few days now, thanks!Oddly, the 'Accept list of values' checkbox was missing when I tried to add a definition to an existing metafield — I had to delete the current metafield and values, then re-create it fro...
OK, in case anyone wants to know my eventual solution:1. I added a shopify checkout script (plus accounts only I think) to apply a discount based on a customer tag. I included a check in the script to exclude products tagged with 'excldiscount'.2. I ...
So I have a collection that I'd like to apply a 20% discount to, and another that I'd like to apply a 40% discount to. You'd think this would be basic, core e-com platform functionality, but apparently not.An hour of shopify plus support on this issu...
7 replies and 6 of them are trying to sell an app to solve an issue that shopify has refused for YEARS to address...
I've just been on plus support trying to find some documentation on the dawn theme markup; breakpoints, column / row / container classes, utility classes etc...  ...and there is none. Which I find baffling — shopify want us to use 2.0, but don't have...
Like so many things shopify, it is just mad that this is not easily achievable. Like excluding products/collections from previously created discount codes, or setting region specific pricing, it's simply far easier and profitable for shopify to shove...
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