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Hi, I actually just had a meeting with Shopify PMs responsible for the checkout topic, and they were very interested in understanding this issue. We already talked through some ideas in how to fix this, and they promised to take this seriously and pu...
'As far as I know this stopped working Nov / 22
We have gathered more than 500 sellers in 10 threads about this topic already, with more 1000 sellers reading and liking without commenting. It is unbelievable that Shopify is not doing what the customers want and hiding these checkout buttons at the...
Also meines Wissens funktioniert das nicht mehr, alle Apps die ich gesehen habe, machen das gleich und auch wenn ich es manuell mache kommen die trotzdem. Shopify Support möchte sich dazu auch nicht äußern, ein Trauerspiel, dabei wäre es so einfach e...
Absolut und vom Support gibts nur so Antworten wie ... sprechen sie mit dem Theme Support. das Hat überhaupt nichts mit dem Theme zu tun, macht einfach ne f****ing Option die Express-Buttons auszublenden, das sind nicht mehr als 5 Min. Arbeit als Ent...
Absolutely the same, I cannot understand why they do not just enable this as an option in the checkout options. It is literally a 5-min task that a junior dev can do. There are no side effects if you deploy it with a default value, which is the same ...
Hey,  I used several hacks to remove the Express Checkout on the Checkout Page, but it is still super buggy and sometimes on mobile it still appears.  We are having an age group of 35-55, and they mostly do not have those 1-Klick Checkout apps, so it...
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