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Hello!You can follow these steps:Navigate to your Shopify dashboard and click on Online Store > Themes, then; Under Current theme, click on Actions > Edit code,; Search for your theme.liquid file on the editor sidebar. Click on theme.liquid to open t...
Hello there!The payment button depends on the users browser and most used app. And since the button is generated by Shopify, replacing might not be possible. You can try to follow this thread for better understanding
Hi Robin!You can try to compress your slide shows sizes. Ideal size: 1200×800 PX.Or use apps for speed loads like Page Speed Optimizer.Hope it helps! Thanks!Need an expert?Contact us: 
Hi Tom!Still wondering what could be wrong.Why don't you try to delete that code you applied earlier and let's try something else. Go over to the colour settings and change the background color to Transparent.If this doesn't work out try to delete th...
So sorry for the late response!You can apply the code in your message. Let's try that first.Thank you 
You're welcome Tom! And Hi!Since you're using the Brooklyn theme, this should be able to help.Add this code to Assets/theme.scss.liquid file:.slick-slide img { margin-top: -1rem; }I hope this helps!Thanks! 
Hello TCK!Just to confirm. Did you follow the thread of this conversation to the next page? The solution on the fir...
If you're really using an app that's using Draft order API, then this might be the cause. There's an app you can use that will allow application of discount codes before checkout. Carter- Discount box in Cart.Take care. 
@revivalink wrote:Hi there - my store is no longer showing a discount code box when I go through the check out process? Does anyone have an idea as to why?I've got a several emails today from customers saying that the discount code box does not appea...
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