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Anyone any ideas what the alternatives are to this? Tired of waiting for Shopify to come up with a solution...
I have exactly the same issue on my website Any moderators on here that could jump in with some ideas please?
I am in the same boat - I have 4 stores, currently targeting the UK (with a .com TLD), the US, the EU (multilingual) and Australia. For SEO, running everything under the TLD would be best as the domain authority of all sites is just getting diluted a...
That worked perfectly thank you! I added a little bit of styling to resize the image and it is spot on. Really appreciate your help @ski_power  
Hi guys - I'm sure this is a pretty simple piece of coding but how can I add an image to our packing slip template please? I am not really familiar with liquid variables. The image is here:
Still nothing working for our .us domain. The .com, .eu and all work fine and, frustratingly, have exactly the same configuration. I just wonder if it has something to to with the .us domain name extension....
Hi guysThanks for your suggestions. We have 4 sites, all of which are pretty much identical in pages, blogs, theme fetches the sitemap of the first three no problem but not the last one, althoug...
Hi JoshThanks for this but the Shopify solution always tends to be ‘buy another app’. We have 4 stores, it’s getting pretty costly. I was hoping for a solution that would be as simple as just adding the correct Hreflang code in each template but than...
Hi JoshI found this thread and as I have a similar situation, I was hoping that you might be able to help me. I think I may initially have misunderstood the purpose of hreflang and confused it with canonicalisation.We had a multilingual, worldwide we...
Same here. Doesn't seem to be a priority for Shopify experts though....
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