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Can you help me out, the code is not working on my store: I just want to get rid of the red "sale" corner banner while keeping my compare at prices. It annoys people because I have product parts on the pages and it makes it look lik...
Thank you for the update and…it just needs to be done. No more excuses on this one, please.  It’s costing us time and money and other software can do it. I get multiple emails a month over this and I’m a tiny business.  It’s not all about owner exper...
This is not a working solution for 95% of the cases. This issue has been documented here for TWO YEARS! I have been dealing with it for 5. These are simple issues and Shopify refuses to fix them. This is unacceptable. Shopify is full of smart people,...
5 years with Shopify and no solution has been presented. This can't be that hard for the smart people that created everything else in Shopify.
This will continue to be a need for store owners as countries are demanding to contact our customers for import fees and duties. We need phone numbers on these labels. As Shopify users who pay for a service, we need phone numbers added to these label...
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