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People are asking for an improvement to make POS work for brick and mortar stores, not a clumsy work-around or another app for $12 per month. I can't believe Shopify is not addressing this.
Apparently people have been complaining about this problem in this forum since 2020 and Shopify simply doesn't care. That's garbage customer service for something that costs so much.
So, the Shopify business model is to charge me $129 per month, then expect me to pay more for an app to perform a standard function necessary to run a brick-and-mortar retail store?
Did you ever find a solution to this? I've tried support from both QB and Shopify and they have zero to offer in terms of help and neither seems to give a tiny crap about it.
Don't know if you ever found a solution. Seems like this is a known problem based on a stupid default and Shopify doesn't care to fix it or make the answer obvious.I went into the theme settings under Currency and clicked "enable currency converter"....
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