Hey guys, I am currently use vajro to develop my mobile app. I am not good at coding so tried android studio with gradle but can't figure it out. Is there another way to go about this and not have to...
Hey, I am currently using the free version of Vajro the mobile app builder and it offers 2 free months, I do not know code but also know it is way easier then actually paying for a mobile app builder...
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Yulli, Eric from www.motiv8yourself.com Have you tried this app https://apps.shopify.com/upsell-cross-sell-smart-tool?utm_source=ecommerceuniversity&utm_medium=forum&utm_campaign=autoketing 
Hey, I really have good luck with www.printify.com They have excellent quality and durable brands. Downfall is you can't do full shirt/hoodie designs. Otherwise you can narrow it down to US Suppliers and if you sign up for the Premium Package you wil...
It appears that site is using the Go-Daddy web builder. I have used it before.
Have you tried the Eggflow apps? I have found good luck when using discount codes using that app. They have a nice deal right now, basically get all of their apps for 29 a month rather than 58.
Hey Vincent this may not be exactly what the example was, but have you tried this app https://apps.shopify.com/uploadery or similar ones?
Hey you would need to set up Collection Taxes for the the Country you are in and then you would need a state sales tax id. Also check your state standard deductions, usually you don't have to collect taxes until you earn a specific amount.
Hey Julie, Eric with Motiv8Yourself. Are some of the products listed in other collections? Also, if it is an automated discount, you can only run of those at any given time. 
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