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Yes I can show how many in total have sold with a metafield but I can't show how many have been sold within the last day using a metafield. 
Hello,  I'm looking to add some social proofing to a client's store, and I'd like to show how many of a product was sold in the previous 24 hours.e.g  How can I do this with an app or with code + Shopify Flow? Is this possible?  I've looked at variou...
The tabs are the default collapsible rows that come with Shopify Dawn. I tried adding a transition but this doesn't work.
I'm looking to add a smooth transition to the Dawn accordion tabs. At the moment they open without a smooth transition and it doesn't look very good. Any advice on this would be super helpful!
I found the issue - you cannot name a schema ID 'paragraph' as this messes up the theme. I thought you could give an ID any name but you have to be very careful with naming IDs in the schema.
Hello,  I've been making some code edits to my theme and have no errors showing in VS code but when adding new sections to the theme in the theme editor I keep getting this error: Setting 'paragraph' is invalid. Tag '<p>' is not permitted. It's not o...
I managed to solve this with a custom solution in the end. Took a lot of work but I got there! Hope you have had some success too. 
Hi, I'm wondering if it's possible to check how much a product's quantity has changed over a certain period of time? I'd like to identify fast selling products and add a badge to the PLP cards and PDP to say 'selling fast!' but I'm not sure how to ch...
You don't need CSS to fix this, try editing your images to all be the same height and width, replace the product images and you'll see everything lines up perfectly! 
It looks like there is some broken css in your code as the styling is not being applied properly. With Shogun you can try and fix it by following this article:
If you are taking about the products within the sandals collection You need to ensure that the images are all the same height and width and then all of the images will be aligned within the collection.  If you meant a different section please provide...
In here:  .header__icon--cart {display: none !important;position: relative;margin-right: -1.2rem;} (I think you will need to add !important to override the display property in the parent class)
Hello,  Personally I wouldn't use Shopify for a non transactional store as it's an e-commerce platform, however if you want to go ahead with this you would have to edit some code. Go to Actions > Edit Code > base.css and find the class .header__icon-...
I'm looking to use Contentful as a CMS to add blog content to a site (I am already using Contentful for an app so ideally I only have to upload this content once) and all I can see is an app to bring products from Shopify into Contentful. Has this be...
I am having the same problem! I keep getting a 404 page when trying to preview and I'm not sure if it's something in my code or to do with Shopify. Have you managed to fix this since you posted? 
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