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Hi Community, We have built a website for a client who is a wholesale distributor of drinks, and also sells b2c. We built the site focused on their first brand, and now they have another bra...
Hi, I'm trying to find an app to add more product variations. I know there are a lot but the issue is that I need something compatible with the Shopify Lite plan and that works with the Buy Button i...
Hey Shopify Community, Can someone please give me some advice here? I have a page created for brands and each brand is linked by vendor. The pages that each brand links to (and show all the products...
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Hi Guys, I'm helping a client who would like to add a third product option to his products. Currently customers select a print size and then a frame/colour option. He would then like them to be able to choose from either standard glass or UV glass. T...
Hi, I'm trying to customize order confirmations based on the city the order is being sent to. Can I use conditional Liquid "if" statements like you can with products, but have them location based? Is anyone able to guide me as to what the HTML would ...
Hey, Does anyone know of an app that doesn't require carrier calculated rates that can allow a percentage of the order price to be added for shipping insurance when a customers order is over a certain price? Thanks.
Hi, I'm looking for recommendations on which app is the best for building custom landing pages? Thanks
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