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Hello, any suggestions in making this page align better on mobile and desktop? Desktop view is worst that mobile, in my opinion. But this the issue when you look at the mobile site ...
I just found out about this great board. I really appreciate any feedback you can provide. My store is A very small shop. My target audience consists of Brazilian...
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Since this last app update, the Shopify Icon on my iPhone, always show no sales. Until a few days ago, the icon had a small number next to it, displaying the number of sales. When I open the app, I see that I have sales. So if I don’t keep opening th...
After 15 minutes, I could purchase them againMy store was also down yesterday for about 10 minutes. Customers were getting error 500. Did we have any server issues yesterday?
Getting a red banner asking to try later or check orders. Orders are from returning customers, so they should work. It is not working for UPS and USPS
When I create a label or a packing slip, they both display on a browser window (Chrome and Firefox). But suddenly, the only way I can select the right paper size is by going to "print using system dialog"I used to be able to print without having to g...
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