Is it possible to set up variants so when someone selects the variant and chain length it is out of stock instead of showing there is another chain length available for that variant? I have a produc...
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I've switched over to product options by BSS its free and it may work for you. The other app stopped working for me when I changed my website layout and they wouldn't even get back to me on getting help to fix it. 
Yes I’ve been using that app for 5 months 
I found an app called PRODUCT INFINITE OPTIONS it’s $1.99/month and I’m able to customize like what you are trying to do. They will set up other customizations for you if you have more than one thing that needs customized. I use it for them to select...
I switched over from wix, I ended up finding an app that charges $2 a month and they will set up your variations (no charge) how you’d like them customized. It’s called Product infinite options. I’ve had it for a few months now and it’s been working ...
I’m in that same boat. I have one pendant but a chain length choice. As said above Etsy makes it easy for this option. Then once that pendant is sold it doesn’t leave another variant option in chain length available with that necklace to be sold agai...
I was able to close out the app and start it again and it fixed it.
I just switched over to Shopify from Wix. I've got to add new product to my site however everytime I try and add photos it just says waiting to upload and does nothing. I need to be able upload from my phone. How do I fix it
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