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my store speed score is 33 how can i improve it? there are file in he snippets that start with the name of app that i had removed can i remove these file list avado smartseo and oth...
i added a new tag to items that are created within 15 days when i add the new tag the item picture tend to go down . and i lose the alignment this is the code i use to insert th...
i am usig the menu app by qikify for the mobile some picture not showing for the menu
i need to add a button with logo at the bottom of the page
is there a way to change the sales channel for all products ? i do not want to go through each product
i need to hide the price from the checkout and i need to hide totals too i already hid the price from collection please help
is there a way to have multiple currency on my store without having a currency converter. i need to price some products in usd and other in lbp i do not want currency switcher
how would i add a picture to all product for certain products type or vendor without adding the in each product
I have added the messenger to my page i need to know if there a way when i get the messange in facebook that this messange came from the online store . when i connect the messenger it open th...
i need to add notes to the checkout. it seems the only way to add a note is to have the user click on add to cart then add the notes there i need to have the note when the user click on the buy now...
The postcode is not required in my country how can i hide the postcode from the customer address?
how would i add product video outside the description like in the picture www.mommyandme.online
supply theme change price and currency size for products on collection
how do i make box darker and the tag bold in the collection filter for supply theme
Is there a way to let the customer add notes or comments in the order?
is there a way to auto size the products in the collection
i managed to move my slide to the left now i need to place picture on right https://www.mommyandme.online/
reduce space between products in collection vertically supply theme www.mommyandme.online
how would i fixed the alignment for add to cart and buy button for mobile www.mommyandme.online supply theme
how do i auto sort the collection by vendor? and how do i add product type to the sort by is there way to also auto sort by product type?
is there any way to reference show a menu when clicking on a button or how can i add menu to a page khaled
i want to do special coding for the first slideshow how would i determine when i am in the first slideshow if i am slidehsow.liquid
how can i add menu or list of button on the left side of the slide in the empty space
how would i add a picture in the middle of my header . it seems the picture is resizeed according to the label. i need picture to be bigger than the logo. when i put the code just before the di...
i am trying to change the height of the flexslider i place this code .flexslider .slides img { height: 50%; max-height: 50%; } now i have empty space below the slide i also have mu...
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how do i remove unused app some app do not have unsintalle option 
i have managed to add the note for the product when checking out the product. I need to update the note in the code depending on some price conditions from the prodcutslike if the price is less then 100 i need to place a special note in the note . i ...
how can i get the default version for the theme.scs.liquid file for supply theme 
how can i which  module or code have been modified in my theme?i have made changes to many files  but forgot which oneis there a way to  know which files have been modified from the default file in the theme? 
contact them viahttps://support.google.com/merchants/gethelp online chatthey are very helpful
add this to your theme.liquidat the bottom<script>jQuery('a[href^="http"]').not('a[href^="{{ shop.url }}"]').attr('target', '_blank');</script>it works for me supply theme
when i inspect the url on google console searchit come up wiht the following errorthis is my urlhttps://www.mommyandme.online/ar/products/activity-baby-walkerplease help fixby the way if omit the ar from the url my link does not appear on google 
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