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We are unable to schedule package pickups anymore, unless we are scheduling for 8am-12pm, and we're now having to schedule it for the next day. We used to be able to schedule pickups for a certain ho...
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I'd imagine at that point you'd have to either edit the order and add shipping costs, which makes the customer "check out" again, or you could generate a secondary order for the shipping costs, but has the same drawback. Ultimately, I think if you're...
This does not work, nor will it ever be added. Just put in a discount of $2.91, or put it in for 20%, like the title of your discount reads. "Buy 10 Seed Sticks - Save 20%" means 20%, not 19.35%
It looks like those apps may be more targeted towards marketing, and not for followup emails. I wouldn't think it would be too difficult to implement with Flow, considering Shopify already has the ability to send followup emails to customers. Even if...
We are attempting to set up a way to contact customers automatically following specific criteria being met, after they place an order. Namely, we want to have an automated message emailed to customers who place orders being shipped internationally to...
I can't say for sure if or how it works, but if you open the discount inShopify and scroll down to the bottom, there is a "Delete Discount" option.I would imagine after deleting it you could just make it again withdifferent parameters.
Welcome to Shopify, Steve! lol
bump for no response 
We have a staff order notification set to email our HP printer so that they print out as soon as we get an online order. Our issue is that we wanted to make it look identical, or as close to identical as possible, to the "Packing Slips". We took the ...
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