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Hello, I just noticed this error on Google Search Console. "Missing field: position" It affects many products: I also performed a rich results test, which gives t...
Hello, I have a problem with this blog post, I published more than a week ago and looks like it's still not indexed: The meta...
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Hello, I'm the site manager for Since a few days, if I try to access the HTML editor of a product or of a page, I get this error message: Is it something happening solely to us or is it a generalized shopify problem? Any hint to solve ...
@KetanKumar @jam_chan Changing inage format solved the issue, thank you. Only think I still need to solve is shopify picking up the wrong store name as meta name: Should I change the storename url? How is possible to do that? Many Thanks for your hel...
Hello Ketan,this should be the proper favicon/social media icon:, why structured data are showing ...
Hi @TCCH ,actually not. Favicon is now showing, but the old version of the logo still shows up. Aslo social sharing images is the old one plus structured data show the wrong Site name. @KetanKumar could you please help?Please find one more pic below:...
Hello,in the very last days we noticed a sudden strike in direct traffic on both Shopify and Google Analytics. Traffic increased 5 to 10 times normal daily traffic. This is pretty weird as we are not running ads campaign at the moment, nor even new o...
Hello,I'm looking for somebody to help me in solving the issues in the screenshots below. Many Thanks,Federico  
Hello Ketan,thanks for your reply. Please find pictures below: Selected image Shopify's backend:Previous image still appear when sharing links on whatsapp/social media ------ Favicon on the backend: No favicon shown on Google chrome: Many Thanks,Fede...
Hello,we changed the social sharing Image quite a while ago, but when sharing links on social medi/whatsapp the previous one is still shown. could you help? Also, I can't see the favicon on Google Chrome. Site: Many Thanks! 
It worked, thanks a lot! 
Hello everybody,I created a redirect from Even after waiting a while, the redirect is not working (even in incognito mode). Funny things is, the f...
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