Hello How do I adjust the kerning on my home page? Thank you. www.pascualstudio.com
Hello, Can you please help me remove the underline from hyperlinked images on my site? I tried some codes from this discussion board, but they didn't work. Thanks. https://pascualstudio.com/pages/...
Hello I'm using Pipeline. How do I change font size in product description, add to cart button, buy it now button? I would like to make it bigger. Thanks.
Hello, How do I left-justify the price and product title in Pipeline? I tried the following, but it didn't work for me. .template-product #productInfo-product h1 {text-align:left} Thank you. &nb...
I'm using Pipeline theme. Please help me change the text sizes for two sections on the home page: 1) Image with Text Overlay 2) Rich Text I would like to be able to know how I can change the size...
Hello, I would like to change NEWSLETTER in footer to say MEMBERS CLUB. https://pascualstudio.com password: staock I would like it to say "Members Club" not "Newsletter"
How can I create 2 pop-ups: one to accept Privacy Policy, and one to accept Cookies? I'm using Pipeline theme. https://pascualstudio.com password: staock
Hello, I'm using Pipeline. How do I add only 1 image with text on my home page to fill the width of the screen? When I have 2 images and I remove one, the first image is split on one side o...
I'm using Pipeline theme and Instafeed app. My footer logo is layered onto the Instafeed. How do I fix it? Thanks. https://pascualstudio.com
Hello, How can I add a modal pop up for my blog photos? I do not want it to open in a new tab. Thanks https://pascualstudio.com
How can I remove the title from my contact page?  Thanks.
I recently tried to add modal pop-ups to my site. I would like to remove this now, as I can't even remember what I did. I'm wondering if it's affecting the fact the password page cannot be accessed. ...
I'm using pipeline theme. I linked a blog post on my homepage using "News". How do I remove the grey overlay on the image? Thanks.
Hello Why does my copyright look slightly off-centred from my socials? Please help. Thanks.
Hello I am using Pipeline theme. I'm setting up my site. I used 2 free test images as placeholders for my slideshow on my homepage just to see how it would look, but the images are not showing.&nbsp...
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How do I add Afterpay icon to Pipeline footer?Here is my site: https://andreapascual.co/
Hi @PageFly-Victor - It didn't work.
Hi @PageFly-Victor  - How do I remove it from just ONE page only?
Hi @GemPages - I tried it but it didn't work.
Hello, does that remove it for all the pages? I only want to remove it for that one specific page.
How do I hide a page title in Pipeline them?https://pascualstudio.com/pages/join-usI would like to remove "Join Us" at the top.Thanks.
 How do you customize the design of a product page without making the product active on the site?When I go to customize, the only way for me to see the product page is when it’s active, but I’d like to hide it from my site before my launch date.
Hello, how can I find that?
Hello, How do I change the copyright text in Pipeline 6.3? www.pascualstudio.com
Hello,How can I change all the page headings in the footer navigation to uppercase?For example, "Contact," "Terms of Service," and "Privacy Policy."My site is www.pascualstudio.com and I'm using Pipeline 6.3 theme. Thanks.
Sorry, I meant to say the words under the header HELPFUL LINKS. I would like to make those uppercase. Thanks.
Hello,It is still mixed case under Helpful Links. 
Hello,How can I change the footer navigation headings to uppercase?www.pascualstudio.com 
Hi Ketan,I tried it, but it didn't work. 
Hello,I inserted the code, but the photo remains to the left, and not to the right. 
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