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I was wondering whether it's possible to somehow nest blocks inside each other. I'm trying to create a mini builder using blocks which will allow me to create the following sequence (sections, rows, ...
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Does anyone know if this has been resolved? We're wanting to add FAQs to product pages. Each product will have a different amount of FAQs so we need repeater fields so we can specify the amount of questions required for a particular product. We don't...
For any one else struggling with this, I found the solution from another comment below:{% assign licenses = product.metafields.custom.product_features.value %}{% for license in licenses %}<div><span>{% if license.one.value == true %}Hello One{% endif...
Hi, I'm having an issue with this code where it's getting the data from all products rather than the current product.I've updated my code to the below: {% assign icons = shop.metaobjects.features.values %}         {% for icon in icons %}          <di...
Hi, Your solution still won't work. I tried to explore a different route below but it's still not working:{% for my_metaobject in shop.metaobjects["features"].values %}{% if my_metaobject.product_id == current_product.id and my_metaobject.one == true...
Hi, Thank you for taking the time to look at my question. It appears that I am still having an issue and I think it is in relation to the referencing of the field. The field is contained in a meta-object and this is then referenced within a meta-fiel...
I have created a product metafield which is called “product features” and referenced a metaobject named “features”. In the metaobjects I have created a “true or false” field which is named “one”. Please would someone be able to tell me how I can make...
Hi @Niki_K , Is it possible to return a metafields file name? 
Thank you, the code you sent has worked perfectly 
Hi @Niki_K, Thanks for getting back to me, I appreciate it. Yes, exactly that. However, I'd like to wrap each item (file url) in the list in the same code so it would repeat and look like the following.<a class="download-guide" target="_blank" downlo...
Hi @Niki_K, Is there any chance you would be able to help me with this?
Hi @Nyshawn  Thank you for your response. I have tried following the instructions that you have sent above, but I am still having no luck. You can see below that I have implemented the new code, however, it hasn't seemed to wrap each file URL in a di...
Good afternoon, I am new to using meta fields and could really do with some guidance. I have created a meta field that displays a list of files, however, I need to be able to wrap the file URL in the same code each time to make it display in a specif...
Good morning, I am trying to edit my product feeds code to display the last image in a products gallery rather than the first and was wondering whether this is possible? I came across the following post, however, when I tried to apply the .last filte...
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