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@policenauts Ahh, that makes sense! Another reason why Shopify should include more details about the webhook event type in the payload.  So, if you look at my suggestion from way back of adding query parameters in your webhook URL, you can programma...
@policenauts Hmm, that seems really strange, but I'll be honest I'm very new to the Shopify world so I don't know why that would be. I hope someone else will have some clarity on that, but at least for now you'll have the option to ignore webhooks th...
@policenauts, I don't see any issues with your code. It's simple and should work reliably, and even if it were to fail on Google's side, Google still sends a 200 response code.Are you 100% sure that the webhooks are being resent, and they aren't all ...
For anyone having troubles, this worked well, and the query parameters help to identify where the webhooks are coming from. Note that there's no need for text in the HtmlService response; Shopify just looks at the headers for a 200 OK response code./...
Well, that's good to know! I'll keep that in mind when I'm getting set up.Another issue is that there's no way to read HTTP headers in Google Apps Script (an annoyance of mine for a long time...), and that's where Shopify puts all the context (includ...
I'm a bit late to the party, but could it possibly be due to the way ContentService uses redirects? See here: GAS Content Service -> Redirects I haven't gotten far enough into using the Shopify API to test this on my own, but HtmlService a try instea...
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