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I was not using any email marketing app right now , but have tried mailerlite in the past but not very much
This is about shopifys own email app. I  think the app can be useful for starters like me who can do basic automations with it. But the only problem with it is that you cannot switch between different email ids you use for marketing communication and...
I am based in India, and we get about 70% Cash On Delivery Orders here. Most of those get cancelled after the user has already received the order. Is there any option to provide discounts on prepaid orders. I have option to give discounts in the paym...
I am looking forward to create custom events in google anlytics using google tag manager. For that I would use data layer. google developer website shows a script that has to be pasted in theme.liquid. If I have to paste this in my theme.liquid, ther...
Yes I am referring to this, and I want to knw if this will effect my organic reach. I am running paid ads but I am curious about my organic reach
I have been looking for a solution for this, and somebody told that collection are collection of individual products which have their page indexed on google. So to avoid this duplication, shopify does this. Do you think that could be the solution. Th...
Shopify dissallows collections and blogs in robots.txt. Won't this affect the organic searches. Because all the products in my website are part of some collection.And if I try to maintain a blog for maintaining an organic position by maintaining blog...
I only dissallowed my policy pages, because I thought why should we index these if we do not want them to appear in search results.After that, I checked how my robots.txt file on web. And saved the file and submitted it on google search console also....
I understand that that but I don't know how to disaalow admin pages, and i did'nt know which other pages I should dissallow 
Does anybody over here maintains a robots.txt ? In shopify do we have to manually submit robots.txt through google search console, Or is it done automatically  by shopify? Should I disallow my policy pages in robots.txt , and how to dissalow the admi...
I understand what you are saying, and I am going to use the way you are telling. But I am not able to understand why shopify support is saying that google tag manager is not available for shopify store on basic plans
I am running google ads for my shopify store. When I run ads there is an option coming for conversion optimization. My goal is page views right now, but later on I will do conversion optimization for other events like add to cart, purchase, initializ...
Hi there!Actually this is not a conversion tag for a purchase, and we wont reach the thank you page that comes after the order is placed. I have to do conversion tracking for page view event of a product page. So, I think I have to add it there on th...
I am using google ads for my shopify website. For tracking conversions, I need to add tags given by google ads.Google ads give a global tag and an event snippet for that particular event. For this, we use global file ie theme.liquid to place global s...
I am not able to get any of my content after shopify removed my ban fro shopify community forums after 2-3 months. Shopify banned my community profile 2-3 months back because I had posted a query in multiple boards. It was basically a mistake on my p...
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