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I'm receiving a 403 Forbidden error response when uploading a video file following the Videos: POST Request instructions here. The data message says "Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.list access to the Google Cloud Storage bucket". I'm ...
I must have had wrong syntax somewhere, got the request to go through using the following code below. However this now returns a 403 Forbidden error  const form = new FormData(); form.append(parameters[0].name, parameters[0].value); form.append(param...
I'm following the instructions in step 1 here to upload a video to a shop owner's store.  I was able to get the parameters back from `stagedUploadsCreate` but when posting the file using form data I receive a `Service Unavailable` status 503 error. A...
Apologies if this is a duplicate post but I was unable to find an answer for it on the forums or in the docs.In the past when I've deleted apps, I've received an email from the app owner asking for feedback on why I uninstalled the app.My question is...
Could you explain this error a bit more?I recently upgraded @Shopify/app-bridge-react and @Shopify/app-bridge-utils to 2.02 and I've been receiving the following error on my queries: Error: Network error: Unexpected token N in JSON at position 0  I'v...
Thank you! I was able to find the host and set the config variableDoes anyone know how to add the host param when using  the useAppBridge hook? const app = useAppBridge();     const redirectToProduct = () => {          const redirect = Redirect.creat...
How am I supposed to submit my app then if v2 isn't working yet?(they rejected it because I was using v1)...
Thanks for the advice.However, my app was recently rejected stating that I needed to upgrade to AppBridge v2 so I'm a little confused what to do since v2 isn't working.
Any update on this?My app was rejected for this and I'm still not able to find the required 'host' param
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