Hello Dear Experts! I use the Brooklyn theme. My website https://overz.co/ 1) Please tell me where to change the color: - Footer - Line copywriting 2) How to make a frame for ...
Dear Shopify Experts! I really need your help. I want to make a product carousel on the home page. Something similar to this: Maybe you have instructions so I can edit the...
Hey nice people! I can't find a solution to hide this checkbox "СARE". I need your help. https://overz.co/collections/menswear/products/jumpsuit-with-embroidery Respect, Alex
Good afternoon beautiful people! I want to make a products carousel on my home page. Brooklyn theme / https://overz.co/ What can you recommend? Example: ...
Good afternoon, good people! I am self-taught and this is my first online store https://overz.co/ I need your feedback: - Design - Functionality - SEO optimization - Download speed Than...
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Guys, I need your help.Right now my site speed is very slow, help me to make my site speed fast.Thanksoverz.co
None. I don't know what to do.
Guys, help me get a block (994789-4 myshopify.com is blocking ) off an online store.My online store is up and running.I go into the admin, click online store and the first 3 seconds of loading the theme starts with (994789-4 myshopify.com is blocking...
Dear wonderful people! Can you tell me how I can improve the speed of the online store?Maybe there are applications that can help the novice developer?- For example, that can remove garbageMy store: https://overz.co/Theme BrooklynThank you! 
Wow, great! I am very happy! I wish you happiness, good luck!
You are a magician!I am new to this business, help again.Could you make the icons display correctly (centered) and remove the "arrow" 
I hope you succeed, thank you for your help!
Good! How can I give you access?
I did as you said, but it didn't help.
Good afternoon, the best specialists! My payment icons are not displayed. In the settings - ok I followed the Shopify instructions and completed the code, but icons were not displayed in the footer. Please help me.Web: https://overz.co/
I opened the code, what should I do with it? )
Friend, everything is included.There are no icons, I think they are covered by a black bar in footer 
Dear experts, I need your help. 1) How do I center align text in footer menu?2) The theme includes icons for payment, but they are not displayedTheme Brooklyn -  https://overz.co/All the Best,Alex 
Hello, dear friendI have a question about  COLLECTION PAGEI want to make a button “Load More” or remove numbers 1, 2, 3 .... so that there is only scrollingPlease help me! 
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