Happy New Year ! I really need some help with my product pictures, they look a little blurry. When you click on it it clears up a little but its still not the same quality as the image i uploaded. Th...
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Thank you so much! This fixed the problem, appreciate your help. Happy Holidays 
Hello not to long ago i paid someone to hide a product from my store's search bar. Now I want to unhide it but the person that helped me is not responding and no one else knows how to do it.  It is my best seller "Glow Sugar Scrub" and I need it to s...
Hey, I just noticed that if i removed the featured image like you asked, it actually removes the image everywhere else. Look  Do you think there's another way to remove it from blog post only ?
You are right ! Thank you so much!
What do you mean it was added on the backend? Can you please help me navigate so that I can get rid of it?
I tried to remove it already, i've looked everywhere there is no option to get rid of it.
Hello! Could you please help me as well. I am having the same issue, i can't remove the top image on the blog posts.  you can see the page here :  https://veenourish.com/blogs/news/how-to-lighten-dark-armpits  My codes look a bit different than every...
Thank you so much for your help! The code worked and the picture is now full size on mobile view ! 
Hello, I've seen a few posts where this question has been asked and answered however, the coding suggested didn't work for me.I want to show the full sized image on the image with text section on narrative theme titled "Himalayan Rose Scrub".  It loo...
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