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You can try manually adjusting the inventory. Or develop an interface to adjust Shopify inventory without logging into the admin dashboard of the app. We care about the businesses having to adjust inventory prices according to sales data. Discounting...
Inside the style tag of the liquid file, apply this CSS:table > tr, table > td, table > span, .button__text { color: blue; } You can replace blue with the value of your choice.
Which theme are you using? And what is the link to the order confirmation page?
I checked for the files responsible for slow loading. It seems you have large image files in the page You can use Chrome devtools to check for the files responsibe for big network transfers...
You can add a "PayPal Donate" button to your website. You may have to edit the ".liquid" template files of the theme you are using. Here is a link where you can create a donate button.
Apps can add features to your website. For your print on demand business, the website has to be developed first, You can start by searching for a suitable theme for print on demand businesses.
You can try writing with html tags. Here is an example:Buy 1 Phone Case, Get 1 FREE! <span style="text-decoration: underline;">Learn More</span> 
The logo looks fine from my side as well! I am using Chrome browser. You can open the site using another web browser to verify.
An easy solution for you is to fill out all of the fields in the product description. Another is to contact the theme developer, or if you are familiar with Shopify "liquid" file parameters you can edit the theme template files.
Try to understand which product pages are showing such errors. Then updating the corresponding products with their SKU, descriptions, and the other fields. Such errors can happen due to the theme you are using.
You can make the search page to be excluded from indexing via the robots.txt file. Here is a Shopify help link explaining how to do it.
Can you send me the page link? Did you try contacting "template monster"?
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