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Greetings,I am currently seeking professional assistance in the process of selling my company. Due to my current time constraints, my previous attempts at selling the company have yielded no progress. If anyone has the expertise and resources to assi...
Hello,  I am looking to list my company for sale. I tried to do so on Shopify exchange market place but they are currently having problems. Can anyone lead me in a better direction? I’m just trying to do this as quick as possible as I don’t have enou...
Thankyou! Just emailed
Hello,  I am Having trouble displaying a video on the top of my website. I'm using the custom HTML section on the Shopify theme Venture. The Video's alignment seems to be off on mobile/pc and not taking up the whole screen. I have tried many solution...
Thankyou sm for the quick reply!  I tried adding the code you sent with no change  If I could have some extra help using the collaborator access that would be huge, thankyou!
Hello,  I am trying to have a mp4 file play from the top of my website. I used the custom html section and inserted the following code:   <video loop="" muted="" autoplay="autoplay" preload="" id="vid"><source src="
Hello, I am having issues with decreasing the image sizes on our desktop version of our website. they look perfect sized on mobile but are very scaled on the desktop version. This is only a problem for the three images in the slide show in header. pl...
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