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Hi All, In one of our store Custom Branded Boxes, The price for the one of the product called Sample Pack keps changing frequently from $12 to $14.94. I have a script in box-service wh...
Hi recently updated the shopify Draft order API, After that i am not able to proceed to checkout it throws null error. So Here is my graphql query mutation { draftOrderCreate(input: { custom...
So we updated our draftorder api just but the shipping method doesnot show up at all it says your cart has been updated and your product was unable to ship.So here is my observation mutation { dr...
Hi All, I am pretty new to the shopify development , So The Draftorder Api is returning the Null Pointer expection for the Graphql query we are sending to shopify, I need some help on this , PLease g...
Hi All, I am pretty new with the shopify development we are current getting alerts from shopify to upate the API Version , currently we are using 2019-04 and we wanted to move to 2020-01 and above , ...
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HI All, We have a Admin Website for our company where we are pulling the orders and customer information from the Shopify Admin. But the issue is the order has some removed items which i can see in shopify admin but in the API call i see all the item...
Hi ,We are setup with the NET 30 payment in the shopify, But currently we are having a issue that customers without the Net 30 tag are able to see the Net 30 option during checkout. Any idea on how to resolve this.The net30 option disappears if the p...
Alright thanks a lot, Also in one of our store CUSTOM BRANDED BOXES, the price for one of the product keeps changing frequently even if we dint change it any idea?
Hey Kyle, Thanks a lot for the response , so now i am passing the address during the customer record creation. like this{ "customer": { "first_name": "Steve", "last_name": "Lastnameson", "email": "", "ph...
Hey Kyle, Please let me know if you dint get my question.
Hey Kyle, Thanks for response, Can we include the companyname in the address if we are trying to make single api call by adding address when creating the customer record?
Hey Kyle,  Just a quick question, As i told we are asking the customers their address during the account creation on our website , by looking at this api document , i wonder how would i get the customerid , during the account creation ?https://shopif...
Thanks that helps.
Hey Kyle,  Please help me on this.
Hey Kyle,Thanks for response , So we are having the address forms in 2 pages during the sign up we have the address fields and during the checkout as well we have address fields . So in this scenario what happens to the address they enter during the ...
Hey Kyle, That sounds good, just one more question lets say we asking customers the complete address during they signup with our website. I use thee address.companyName to get the data to the shopify. In this scenario where would you see this address...
Also if we add the Metafields in customer.json, willit appear in shopify admin.
Actually we have a application on shopify , but we wanted the company name information to be displayed on shopify where we see the firstname, email,....etc. So when a user registers through our website the customer object was sent to shopify as well ...
Hey That sounds good, just a quick question, so where does that show up in shopify if i add metafield ?
Hi All, I am pretty new to the shopify. We are running a website which is integrated to the shopify. So when ever a customer registers an account from our website it posts all the customer data to the shopify using the POST API call. so i added a new...
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