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Hi Summer,Thanks for your help.This isn't exactly what I wanted, however, it is much better than any other option that I have found.
I would like to be able to filter the products page by items with zero inventory.I can add filters, however Inventory Stock is not one of them.Is this possible in Shopify, or do i need to buy an add on? Thanks
I don't know, sorry.However, I would love to find out, so, I'm following this thread  
Me too.I came here to ask this very question
Hi,Thanks for your help.I added the css as requested and it has made no difference. Kenny Sorry, I thought that I had done so
Hi,my website has an issue that has been bothering me for some time.The first image shows the issue.When descriptions are on two lines, the price and special offer elements are placed immediately below the description. When the description runs onto ...
Hi,I wonder if there is any way to adjust/change the collumn layout on the Product Page.At the moment, using Debut theme I have Product, Status, Inventory, Sales Channels, Category & Vendor.Ideally I would like to change Category to be Tags.I am base...
It seems that we have a solution.I spotted a new button and couldn't find any info so I asked the question.  I have just created a N...
Awesome, Thanks.I had a quick look, however, I didn't have time to follow it through  
Hi,I recently discovered a plus sign button next to All Active Drafts Archived on the Products screen. Does anyone know what this does?It lets me create a view, however, it gives no options for what you want in the view.Ideally I would like to create...
It is over two years since the original post.I'm not going to hold my breath, waiting on this to happen. 
Yes, that is one way, of many.However, that is an additional step every time you run a filter or search.Simply NEVER showing items that I don't want to see (because I've archived them) would be a much better scenario 
Hi,I have built a few synonyms for our webshop of them don't seem to be working. e.g. ParasolSynonyms - Umbrella, Umberella, UmbarellaI'm trying to catch customers looking to buy a garden parasol for their f...
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