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Hi @garyrgilbert ,   Based on the 520 error, it looks like Cloudflare is having some issues. You can try using jsdeliver - https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/@shopify/app-bridge/umd/index.js, but it's probably just a small glitch. 
Since the extension isn't a actually running in a Node environment, `process.env` doesn't quite work out of the box, but our CLI team has used made it possible to use the `process.env.SOME_VAR` syntax in your code to access environment variables from...
 @daveluke ,   I'm a developer at Shopify.   If the app is embedded, you should use session tokens to authenticate and App Bridge can help with that. Check out the getting started section here. I am not a php dev, so I'm not sure what the major chan...
 Hey @Easondu    You can follow this link to join the Shopify Partner Slack:   https://join.slack.com/t/shopifypartners/shared_invite/zt-sdr2quab-mGkzkttZ2hnVm0~8noSyvw
  tinyemail, I'm happy to help out with this issue! I think you're referring to App Bridge, when you say "Load Bridge". I should clarify that App Bridge is not a requirement for an embedded app. It's just a library that allows you to more deeply int...
Hi Reeti, I'm happy to help you troubleshoot. Just to clarify a bit, have you gone through the setup on the Partner's portal to install the app in a dev store? If you have a custom app, you can generate an installation link or with a public app you c...
Hi @epelc  We are working on making the app-bridge code base public. We just have to do a little internal cleanup and make sure that we meet all of our standards for open-sourcing. Best,  Elana
Quick follow up here... I'm fairly new to the App Bridge team so I didn't realize this earlier, but we are working toward making the app-bridge code base public. 
Technically, you can use the Polaris modal for now, but there are two issues: It's being deprecated, so there will be no further bug fixes, etc.It won't disable the whole screen as you would expect when using a modal. It will only block the iframe/em...
Hi @ssagli, You're absolutely right. We need to improve our documentation and examples. We're taking feedback like this and will be making improvements. In the meantime, let me help with some of the confusion and add some context... Deprecation notic...
Hello  The host should be available in the URL params when loading your app, so you should be able to grab it with something like this: const host = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search).get('host')   We recommend reusing the same App Bridge i...
Hi sbogdanova, After install the app in shopify, the browser redirects to my url, which is https://middleware.shopvote.de/ I was able to get the host value from the params on my end, but perhaps it was because I was landing on Admin. The redirect s...
Hello, I was able to reproduce this error by using an invalid host value and setting forceRedirect to false.  I think we have a couple things going on here: We don't recommend handling the host encoding on your own. You should be able to get it from ...
Hi @Arhum , Sorry you're running into this! With App Bridge 2.0 we require the a host key rather than the shopOrigin in the initialization config. We've updated the docs here. var app = createApp({    apiKey: <api_key>,    host: <host>,}); You can re...
Hi @nandezer , In your Provider config, could you try removing both the `shopOrigin` and the `forceRedirect` keys? The `shopOrigin` is no longer required to initialize the Provider (we're in the process of updating our docs right now) and the `forceR...
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