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I'm using sectioned pages to create this page → (password = pearler) however I'm having trouble applying CSS to particular sections. I'd love to add some borders to this section: So&...
I'm using the Shopify Buy Button on Squarespace. I'm not having much luck changing the font within Squarespace. Does anyone know how to control the font and other CSS elements of these? https:...
Hoping to get the background of this popup to be an image! Password: Pearler My code: div#NewsletterPopup-newsletter-popup .modal__inner { background-imag...
I'm trying to add some buttons to the collection header, but I've hit a wall! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just can't seem to get them centred. My code ↓ <span class="nav-gif-w...
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It's just the cart page. See attached: 
URL: Dawn Two client websites are having the same issue where the background of their transparent product image and the buttons on the cart page are turning to a random, bright yellow? This variable seems to be the cause:...
Thanks for completing this work. It functions perfectly now!
Thank you. I had already changed the logo image, it's just the link location I'd like to change the destination of. So I'd like it to go to a different URL than the homepage!
Thank you. This is the rule that would be best to apply if that helps?  {% if page.handle contains 'second-skin' or collection.handle contains 'second-skin' or == 'secondskin' %}
We've got a different logo and branding to show on certain pages. See below link:  Any ideas how we may be able to make it so that the logo on certain page templates goes to a different URL? Page: https://www.findme...
Sure, see here @BSS-Commerce = pearler
Apologies - 'pearler' @PageFly-Victor @Muhammad_Ali_S 
Apologies - 'pearler'
I've made a lot of edits to Dawn Theme and I'm noticing that when I add a product to the collage section, there's a colour overlay appearing over the top of the image so it's not visible. I'm struggling to identify the cause. Any help is appreciated!...
I'd love for the lime green section to stick to the bottom of the browser window. How might this be possible?
I'd like to add a little bit of description text to appear above my reviews metadata on the collection grids. I've had a go, but it doesn't seem to be pulling content. All of my products have this field filled out.  Store: https://manifest-a-pearler....
@GemPages  Thanks for identifying this! To fix it, I added the below code to 'card-product.liquid' .card__information { text-align: var(--product-card-text-alignment) !important; }
Thanks for you help. I should have said earlier - I really don't want to fix this with code, as I really want it to do what it should be doing and pull the styling from the settings. Perhaps the question I should be asking is, what code is stopping i...
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