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What's the GraphQL query for GET /admin/api/2021-04/events.json?created_at_min=<DATE>? I need to retrieve the same fields returned by the REST API, which are id, subject_id, created_at, subject...
I notice that it takes a lot of time to receive the result of a GET Request. Below are some of the X-Request-IDs and the corresponding time it took to receive the response. Order X-Request-ID S...
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Hello, I have a warning: Customer Saved Searches and Discount Eligibility based on saved searches have been deprecated in favor of the Segmentation APII'm using API version 2021-10, but I also find in your docs this: https://shopify.dev/apps/marketin...
Greetings, Our company has submitted two apps, but they are rejected because we have different Oauth flow than Shopify expects in Requirements. It is a urgent case for us because without submitted apps, our users can't use our platform, and the secon...
Hi Sam, Yes, apps are public, currently unlisted.By now I understood that the issue is in having different oauth flow than the one Shopify asks for, but it's not easy for our platform to change it. Can we get in touch with Shopify support to communic...
I have accidentally missed a deadline for apps publication, and now all my installs are lost and this affect the company that I work for really bad. I tried to submit app after that but it requires to have installs which are being blocked. Please hel...
I have a REST API to retrieve the list of Customers (customers.json) since January 2021, filtered by updated_at_min, and updated_at_max, and with a two-day date range.I implemented a Bulk Request (GraphQL) for this but instead of a two-day date range...
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