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Hey @Tadpole I believe that you could also achieve this by using our app Arigato Workflow Automation.You can check for recommendations via the API or make use of the Arigato database to store the line items that each customer has purchased and trigge...
Hey @Dgoldfe13  The Arigato Workflow Automation app would be a perfect fit for this requirement. You can also quickly get started in just a few clicks by downloading and installing the following worklfow template from our automation library: Email cu...
Hi @Noel_Segal, This sure is possible with the Arigato Workflow Automation app for Shopify. This app helps to automate and speed up routine tasks on your store. For your current requirement, you could use Arigato to create a product workflow that lis...
Hi @denowamala, I'd recommend checking out the Arigato Workflow Automation app for Shopify, which might be able to help with sending out these kinds of custom notifications. With this app, you can configure an automation which is triggered when new o...
Hi @jgalvin  This is absolutely possible with the Arigato Workflow Automation app for Shopify. With this app, you can configure an automation that is triggered whenever new products are created; it waits for X number of days and then checks if the to...
Hi @AmberW1  Shopify saves all customer data in their database, and if the customer has accepted marketing emails they will be stored with an attribute of "accepts_marketing". So the customer emails will be collected once and stored in the same locat...
Hi @ZakAlexander  You can create a custom abandoned checkout workflow using the Arigato Automation app. This app allows an easy way to send custom email notifications to customers, and you can leverage it to send a discount coupon that they can apply...
Hey @winnado11  Happy to help. 
Hey @RajaTamil  It is absolutely possible to create an automated email asking for a review using Arigato Automation. You won't have to worry about adding code to grab the order information since this app comes with token browser. You also won't have ...
Hey @Slemming  Even though this feature is not currently available in Shopify out of the box, I can recommend checking out the Arigato Automation app that can help with this. With this app, you can automatically add products to collections based on a...
Hey @winnado11  Please reach out to our support team here and we'll be happy to give you a hand with setting up the Custom Fields app for this requirement.
Hi @Vinnydude I can recommend checking out Arigato Automation. With this app, you can create an automated task to tag products/customers/orders when specific conditions are met. You can also remove the tag after a custom delay(hours/days/etc). Here i...
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