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Hi, I am trying to use the recurring applicaton charge for my shopify App. I am offering a monthly charge and an annually discounted charge. Unfortunately I did not find any solutions inside the AP...
Hi everybody, I try to receive inventory data through the Inventory Level API from Shopify. For that, I try to get the inventory levels from multiple locations. Unfortunately as soon as I access m...
Hi, I am using the Shopify Admin API, but somehow I receive an empty list of data when I call for example: /admin/api/2021-01/orders.json?status=any I have implemented the access_token in the Requ...
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Is anybody having an approach on this?
Hi guys, I am using the API to fetch fulfillment orders from the store. I want to check if the fulfillment order is of type "THIRD_PARTY" or "MANUAL". I have checked the docs and this value should be stored as described here:
Thanks a lot! You were right, I was searching for the webhook: fulfillment_orders/fulfillment_request_submitted  While testing everything another question in the same context came up. What happens when an order contains fulfillment orders and the mer...
Thanks a lot for your help!! This would have taken me ages to find out!I was also thinking about using the webhook. But I didn't find a webhook for FULFILLMENT_ORDER_CREATE. So I guess the workaround would be to listen to ORDERS_CREATE webhook and t...
Is no one having an approach on this?
Hi guys, I am currently working with the setup of a fulfillment app. The issue I have is that after a fulfillment request has been triggered by a merchant, my endpoint, built like described in the docs: <callback_url>/fulfillment_order_notification i...
I am facing the same issue. Did you find a solution on how to solve this?
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