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Hi, you didn't need any approval for that.
You need some technical help then, just hire anyone, me or someone else.
Hi,Please go in the customization & click on add section, if you found it just add it & enjoy, otherwise it will be a some code work for you to do.
Proper means it should not be blurry like you have used
Hi,I have seen its not blurry actually the logo image is blurry, here is the image URL.please use a proper image logo.https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0268/0746/8150/files/BRICKEX_400_x_150px_1.png?v=1651271536&width=170
Hi,Please go to header.liquid file & see where the icon is, search for icon, cart-icon & open that file where it is.It will be an svg, just use your new SVG and paste it in that file.
Create a route & call that API & you will receive the response in JSON, then use that custom app cred to use that JSON to create a product , order or whatever you want to do.
What that JSON API included?
Hi,1- Go to your store setting & click on checkout2- then check "Don't use account" & save it3- If there is any link of login / signup in header you can remove it from navigation & in this way no one can see it & also it will be not required to compl...
Hi,You need to save that data into your DB, shopify will not provide you any DB
Hi,When you will subscribe it, shopify will return you a chargeID that you can use further.
This should be handled from partners
Hi,This can be an issue due to config variable, try put them static, it will work then.
Hi,Click on action of your theme & paste this in theme.liquid file before </body> tag<style>a:hover{text-decoration: underline !important;}</style>
Hi,Please share your store URL & let me know what to do with it?
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