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Kitikate have you had any luck with Rakuten Pay?  I resubmitted with a business phone number, actual store door sign, finished website, corporate business license, rental agreement, the electric bill, and warehouse rental agreement. Unfortunately, it...
WOW! This is fantastic and valuable information. We are also in the middleof the construction and probably won't open until May or June. We finallygot internet and internet phone, so I may try that approach. I'll send themdesigns too. If all fails, I...
Hi Kitikate, That is great news. I'm extremely happy for you.  Unfortunately, we were rejected. We sent pictures of the building, a copy of the lease contract, copy of the Internet/phone application. But there is nothing that can tell we are really o...
 Kitikate , Yes, JCB handles the approval process for Rakuten and they do take some time. Not sure if you are aware, Rakuten has a promo right now for a free Card reader.Link: Rakuten PromoI will keep you updated as well. Good Luck 
Update:You will not be charged additional Shopify payment fees if you are only using Rakuten Card Reader on Shopify POS. The charges only occur online payments, if you are using Shopify payments and Rakuten together, which is extremely fair. However,...
Good Afternoon,Does the Rakuten Card Reader (Rakuten Pay) work with Shopify POS? It's unfortunate that we cannot use Shopify Card Reader with Shopify POS in Japan. That being said, I do have some concerns with the Settlement Fee List. Please let me k...
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