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It looks like Shopify recovered. But yes this error was happening for more than 24 hours 
Since 2023-08-11 18:50 UTC all our bulk queries for SubscriptionContracts are returning INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR. We have not changed anything in our application. The queries just started failing. Needless to say this is quite a big problem for our busi...
Thank you for your quick reply. The discount that I can freely combine has the following details:So I understand it is not supposed to combine but it actually does. Not sure if this is relevant but the discount type we use is "Amount off from Order"....
Hi I have multiple discounts set up as "Can’t combine with other discounts". However, when a user adds multiple discount codes Shopify still applies discounts on top of each other.  Not sure if this is relevant but I'm using discounts with "Subscript...
Looks like the issue is:If the contract has a current or future billing cycle with committed edits, then you can't update the source subscription contract until you delete all of the edits.Source:
I wonder if this error is returned when given SubscriptionContract has some scheduled future Order? However, I would still expect to be able to tell that I want to pause the contract after the BillingCycle of the already scheduled Order without havin...
Found that I was missing read_third_party_fulfillment_orders permissions which resulted in "fulfillmentOrders" being empty. After adding that permission I can see all information.
Hi, When using subscriptions to schedule new Orders is it possible to get the fulfilment date of an Order?  I see I can get Order "fufilments" and "fulfillmentOrders" using the "orders" GraphQL query but neither is available in my case when Order is ...
Hi, As I understand Shopify will only create an Order when our subscription app triggers a successful Billing Attempt. Can we create an Order even when all Billing Attempts for a given Billing Cycle have failed?  Our use case is that we want to fulfi...
Thank you for your reply. In my case, the subscription contract has been edited, but how does that impact the response of billing cycles? As I mentioned in my initial post only one of the billing cycle objects has an "editedContract" set. Is that the...
Hi, I noticed that I get duplicate entries for the same cycle index when running the "SubscriptionBillingCycles" query. The data for both entries is identical except for only one of them has the "editedContract". Is this expected behaviour or some ki...
@codemonkey is this solution still working for you?It was working fine for us as well, but for the last couple of weeks, it's not returning any shippingRates.
Hi!I'm trying to test Subscriptions API on the developmnet store. I have created an app in the partners and it has full acess to the subscriptions API, but when I try to install it on the dev store, I'm not getting any installation prompt.I'm followi...
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