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Dear community, I'm pleased to announce that we have completed our Google Tag Manager(GTM) - Shopify course and published it in Youtube. It is a 1-hour course, totally focused on Shopify sto...
Dear Shopify community, I'm pleased to inform you that we have created a free tool & video tutorial to set up Google Analytics 4 with eCommerce features on your Shopify store - without a...
Dear API community, I would appreciate your help on the following topic. We have built a one-time-charge app and submitted it. However, the review rejected, and when we asked the reasons we ...
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Hello, Eleanor! I have recorded a video to help you troubleshoot your Shopify GA4 integration step-by-step. In this way, you can understand where the problem is. Please check it out and let me know if that helped (or have any follow-up questions)
This seems like an attribution difference to me. You might see different reports attributing the same order to varying campaigns to the attribution models. The order report shows the session attribution - whereas the other report might be showing the...
Google Sales Channel's GA4 integration records the purchases perfectly fine. It just missed a couple of important parameters such as coupon code, variant id, user ID, etc. If you are not seeing purchases on your end; you might be missing something wi...
Thanks, Kate! Have you seen our latest video? We now have a free - open source solution for the Shopify & GA4 implementation. 
We have prepared a quick guide and series of tutorials on this topic in case you are interested in: https://analyzify.app/hub/google-shutting-down-ua/ 
You are totally right. 30% sounds more than it should be. We mostly observe 5% to 15% with the Analyzify clients. Is your store based in Europe and are you using any cookie consent apps? There might be something that is blocking your scripts. I can t...
Are you using any GDPR or Cookie Consent solutions? Some things might be blocking your tracking scripts. I can check this in-depth in case you share your store URL. 
It is totally natural to have differences between Shopify Analytics and Google Analytics. However, 50% on sessions seems a little odd.  I firstly doubt you have a problem with your Google Analytics integration. Are you using the native Google Univers...
In most cases, it is about your Checkout process. Are you using a unique cart/checkout on your front-end? 
Dear all, We have created an in-depth tutorial and an updated code block for Google Ads Enhanced Conversion Setup on Shopify. Click here to see the tutorial, you can also leave your questions in the comments section of the tutorial or here. 
We were reported problems with the native integration by many stores. We have solved all related issues with our app: Analyzify. Our support team also helps with store-specific problems like the ones that are mentioned. Feel free to ask me if you hav...
You can set up Universal Analytics (UA - old Analytics) using Shopify'snative integration >And there is also new Analytics (GA4), I am explaining in this video howyou can set that up and also see the sales/orders.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0kUt...
To be able to help you further; kindly answer the following: Are you using Google Tag Manager? How are you passing the data to Google Ads? Are you using Google Analytics (Universal or GA4) If yes - how does Google Analytics show the sales? Does it se...
I'm pleased to inform you that we have created a free tool & video tutorial to set up Google Analytics 4 with eCommerce features on your Shopify store - without any app. The current tutorials and solutions in the market(except for the paid app) didn'...
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