Hi Everyone! I am looking for feedback on my store www.westlabelhair.com I opened my store at the start of the month and have been editing it as I go based on what I see shoppers looking for ...
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We had the same thing. 4 rounds then nothing, Our story has only improved too, which should make eligibility better. I am assuming it’s less about us as merchants and more about the general economy in the next 12 months
Hey, did you end up getting an offer? We have the same thing. We used it 3 times and now there is no offer. Did you find a way to get it again if you did get an offer? We use it to do lump inventory purchases and boost creator content.
Have you found anything else? I just had a very very large order I needed to refund and shopify is still charging me. 
I had a customer order the wrong quantity of resulting in a charge of 14k. Shopify is still charging me processing fees even if we cancel the order or adjust the quantity. This is resulting is shopify charging me over 1k in fees for an order I’m not ...
Good idea! We should all do this, and to Facebook ads too --[image: facebook] <>[image: instagram] <>Tessa SechayCEO FounderWest Label Hair ExtensionsPure Remy Hair7789528817info@westlabelhair.comwww.westlabelhair.com
Hi, I need support with this too. I added the code however it only adjusted the search results. I want the pricing off of the collection pages. Store is ouielle.com 
I had roughly 10 times. Prior to this happening I had alerts on my phone asking for my amazon OTP but in Spanish. Has anyone else had issues anything else like that happen? I deleted all cards on file.  Has there been any serious flagging to shopify?...
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