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Hey Shopify Community! I am trying to add arrows to the collection grid on the product pictures in order for it to switch between pictures of the product when mouse left click. From before the...
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We are a retailer selling products where each variant is a duplicate on our website (every color is an individual product). We managed to canonicalize these products, however if we want to remove them from sitemap by ticking the seo.hidden meta field...
Thanks for taking your time @dmwwebartisan ! Store URL: https://fitberry.noPassword: aoniye1234567!!
Hi, I am currently using the streamline theme. Can someone please advise how to reduce the white space between each section on the homepage in the mobile version? I want it to be the same size as the white spacing on the desktop version (see attached...
@PeanutButter Wow amazing, thank you so much for time and your help. It looks great!I was not aware of the debugger, do you know it is causes any issues to the website, or if there is any other reason that it should be removed?  Again; thank you so m...
@PeanutButter That is a very good question. I think there may be two solutions.1. (best solution, but maybe difficult to code?) announcement bar as in attached photos, where the text and the icons are switching every 2 seconds. 2. remove/hide the ann...
Hi @PeanutButter Yes please! 
Thank you for your quick response. The font style, font size, spacing between the letters etc. in the announcement bar looks great in Streamline By Peanuts v.02So to illustrate in detail what the text should say and the icons I would like, I have cod...
Hey Shopify Community I am trying to add a shipping icon to my announcement bar. I have tried to find anything helpful but wasn't successful. aoniyeThe announcement bar says "Free shipping and returns...
Hi @PeanutButter I can see that the progress bar is gone, and the speed of the loop is now perfect. Thank you so much. 
Thanks for your help so far. Much appreciated. If you have time, there is another thing. I have for some time tried to change the code so I can include icons to the announcement bar, without any luck. I have tried to follow instructions written by an...
Hi,I am sorry if I was not clear enough, let me rephrase my question: Would it be possible to:1) Make the loop function that runs through added picture images; faster. &2) Right now there is an animation of a line that appears from the left side, bet...
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