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Great you found the solution. Would you like to share it ?
Guys i am stuck in thinking which theme i should go for. I shortlisted Enterprise theme but i am not sure if still i  be needing custom codings in it. Or shall i go for impulse ? I want a modern good fast responsive theme which doesnt requires custom...
hey i am planning to purchase enterprise. Is it worth it ? whats ur feedback ? 
what will you rank 2nd & 3rd as dawn requires a lot of customization e.g even for making the menu typography bold you need to add code so want to save time, what do u suggest
now started facing issue in other site as well 
Hi, Which shopify theme will be best for vape store, which can be customized and has most tutorials on YouTube to learn. Our site is www.qualityvapes.caUnable to decide. Please suggest   
Hey Rick. Could you plz check this https:// www  
its better to include a unique high definition low sized imaged that depicts the product. Must be atleast 1200px wide. It will perhaps solve it. 
how are you auditing the broken links ? and did you try to find out any source/destination url's ? 
Facing same issue in my store as well.  
Hi, I will really appreciate if you could point out pros and cons of both. I am stuck in choosing Ella from themeforest or Enterprise/Impulse/Athens from Shopify store. Also what does website developer offer when they pitch you store creation. Like i...
So there is no solution for 410 ? I wonder hows that accepted as a solution
i am also looking for implementing 410. Could find any app though. Thats really needed
i really need it as i have to find out the sales of moringa powder but that only for the customers who are coming through search and its their first order they are not recurring or existing customers. 
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