I would like to have one of my header menus without a link. is this possible? Id like to have a contact item on the menu, and have it drop down 2 items: work with us and support. But I don't have the...
Hello! I'm looking for things to optimized technically and would love any feedback! My site is https://mairobotics.com/
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how do i get rid of the js? i inserted the URL through shopify's video block.
@oreoorbitz i will check out purgecss thanks. so youre suggesting i replace the lazyloading with preload hint? how do i do that? can you point to a specific example where i can make a resource non render blocking? how can i implement the non-loaded y...
@oreoorbitz thats a good point about safari. native loading might not be the best choice for us in this case then since a majority of our visitors are on mobile. any recommendations on how to move forward?
that makes sense. If i were to just add loading=lazy to each of the tags,should I remove the src tag still or just add it to the src and notdata-src tags?
@Mircea_Piturca i always love a differing opinion! since I've already went ahead and implemented LL with js, would it be even worth it to go back just to replace it with native LL? can you actually see a performance benefit to using native?
@tim i removed all the src's and no longer appears to show up under pagespeed! although my score did drop from 20 to 10..
@Sumesh does it insert code into the theme file or how does it work? if i remove the app will there be any lingering code?
@JoesIdeas ok I had a feeling that was the case. Ill keep testing it with both pagespeed and your shopify tester to see whats going on then. have a good one!
@JoesIdeas oops 1 more thing, i just tested it on pagespeed and the score dropped from 20s to 10 now.. did fixing the lazy loading clear up the path to other dormant issues?
@JoesIdeas thanks again for the help!
@JoesIdeas removing the src from all img tags worked! it no longer shows up under your shopify analyzer and pagespeed. if you don't mind taking one last look thatll be great. 
@JoesIdeas  that makes sense. so in my code I'm seeing a lot of the following:<img class="main_image lazyload" src="{{ block.settings.image | img_url: '200x200' }}" data-src="{{ img_url }}" data-widths="[180, 36...
@OliUK thanks! I'm new to shopify development so I thought slick.css was a default file. Not sure if it was an app downloaded in the past, and I couldn't find the app named slick under Shopify's activity history so I'm likely to just remove the file....
I implemented lazy loading as shown in this guide: https://speedboostr.com/shopify-lazy-loading/When I run it through PageSpeed and https://analyze.speedboostr.com/, it still says my images aren't lazy-loaded. A lot of my img tags look like this:<img...
@diego_ezfy I'll check him out! I added this code for different screens to make it work, any thoughts?  @media (max-width: 480px) { .list-item .add-to-cart .product-form-add-to-cart:after{ right: 50px !important; } } @media (max-width: 1020...
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