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I've had a look at other posts but couldn't find a solution to this particular issue, or not one that worked for me anyway. For studio theme I just want to change the font type to Katibeh for the navigation menu at the top including the drop downs fo...
I mean the up to 50% off sign. I removed the button from it, but want to make the picture a link to a collection
Hi AllHow can I make the entire image of the image with text overlay into a link? I removed the button and want the entire picture to be clickable.Thanks
Hi AllI was hoping to move the currency selector from the footer to the top right on my header just above the search, cart and login icons. Seen a few threads for this but no actual answers. cute1
Hi @Zworthkey Can you help me with this issue as well?Thanks
Thanks @ZestardTech Is there an easy way to make these changes apply on the mobile view as well?Thanks 
Worked well! Thanks so much.Do you also know how to center the product title and price?Also how to make the changes apply to the mobile version as well?Thank you!
Hi @KetanKumar Is there a way to remove the purple line from the mobile version as well?Thanks
Hi AllWithout changing the fonts under Typography I'd like to change the font, colour and size of the product title and product priceProduct title (under featured collection on homepage, each collection page and product recommendations)  Font: Harmon...
Thanks @dmwwebartisan that worked perfectly ^_^
Thanks so much @dmwwebartisan !!I decided to make the navigation font white, which did also change the font colour of the drop down menu to white.How can I change the font and colour of the drop down menus?Also, the navigation menu has the text towar...
Hi @dmwwebartisan I've uploaded the font into assets. I don't however have Assets > stylesheet.css.liquid Can I add the font-face code to theme.css or another spot?Thanks
hi @dmwwebartisan Ok, I've got the Swiss 721 Rounded Bold in woff format, where exactly do I upload this to and does it need to have a specific filename?Thanks
Hi AllThe font of my navigation is the same font the Body Text font. I don't want to change this font from Basic Commercial Light because I like this being the font for text in other places on the store like product description. I do however want to ...
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