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Honestly one of the biggest problems with browser dark mode inserters is when i'm editing a page in shopify that has html code in it, the darkmode inserter will insert its code directly into my shopify admin page. So, using those kind of code-scan in...
Yup. It's still happening for us over here.It's so nice they cleaned up that filter out of the search bar though!!!! YAYProgress IS possible.They just need to fix the indexing speed of the search bar as it types and get rid of the auto correction for...
I have noticed the "in:All" filter tags were removed from the search bar. This, is wonderful.  My sincerest gratitude. Thank you shopify.
Hi Shopify and Community,I am only going to show 2 things to disgust: 1. the search bar no longer shown by default. Shame. On. You.    2. now it's infected with a "in:All" non clickable nightmare.Why? Why have you done this? Why have you done this to...  
This is still an issue for us.Also, they just added a "in:All" text inside the search bar that I can't clickon so when i go to highlight the search bar nothing happens. LoL don't they know that you click usualy just next to the text on the text bar? ...
Have we really been enduring this for a year now? Clicking "F" all the time? Relying on code to pop it open for us? and now they throw a "in:All" in the search bar that I can't click on??? What the? Wow.
We do pay for shopify... It must be a matter of importance. I just want myeye strain to be reduced. 
Still wishing for the older style smooth and fast search that's there when i come to greet it. Not have to scream the search bar's name, click a hotkey on the keyboard, or click a button on the mouse on the screen for my blessed search bar to appear ...
so, this is all that was required for us to finally get past the very expensive paywall to customization? ... I hope it works, and I hope it lasts.
this is still funny
If possible, it'd be nice to have the search bar automatically selected on load or when the panel is clicked on the side.  just trying to eliminate the clicking of 'f' or updating custom code for daily use.thanks.
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