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Hello,  I'd like to offer customers the option to choose from a set of gifts (of different values) up to a set value threshold for the gifts selected - I know that's confusing.  In effect, I'm giving customers a limit of say £10 which they can spend ...
Hey,  I'm trying to display the price of a product excluding VAT (see image), specifically for a product with multiple variants at different prices. I have managed to get it to work, but the price doesn't update when the variants are changed. Thanks ...
This worked but it is displaying all the variant meta fields at the same time. How do I make it only display the meta field for the variant selected?  
This solution is perfect and works exactly as needed! However it assumes that tax is not included in the product price. Please can you help flip it round so that the "price with tax" is the product price and then the "price without tax" is 20% lower ...
Which page does the code need adding too specifically? and where on the page page should it be placed exactly please? 
Bump for this! 
Update, I have managed to make the variant metafield display correctly with the following code: <div><p><strong> {{ current_variant.metafields.my_fields.size }} </strong></p></div>  However, if the metafield is empty (which it...
Hey all, I'm trying to add a variant product metafield to this page, below the price but above the Quantity. https://slowageing.co.uk/products/essential-bath-shower-essence?variant=40509019652279I've tried adding this code to the right area, but it's...
Unfortunately no, that didn't work We are using an app that gives advanced filtering options - do you think that could be having an impact? @KetanKumar 
OK Great, and where in the product-grid-Item should I put it - I have tried everywhere! {% comment %} Renders list of products in grid layout Accepts: - product: {Object} product (required) - grid_strings: {String} contains a string ...
Hi @KetanKumar I cant see the code? Also, where should I position it, at the bottom of the code?  UPDATE: I tried adding this code: {{ product.metafields.my_fields.product_summary.value }} to the following pages - but nothign worked. 
Sorry, I missed this message @dmwwebartisan, Section + Snippets code below:I have removed the solution you suggested from our store for the moment.<!-- /sections/product.liquid --> <div id="template-product" data-section-id="{{ section.id }}" data-s...
Hi Everyone, I'm trying to add a meta field below every product card on the collection page (see image), can sobody help me to do this?The metafield is: {{ product.metafields.my_fields.product_summary.value }} and the theme is BroadcastMany thnaks in...
I'm really struggling to get this to work in broadcast theme - can anybody help me? The Meta field I have is: my_fields.product_summaryFollowing this thread I have been trying to add {{product.metafields.product_summary}} into the code in a number of...
Hello, I seem to be no longer able to add tags (e.g. Style_Relaxed) to products and have them appear as filters on my collection pages.I think this is maybe to do with the change Shopify made to how it organises / controls filters in the "Navigation"...
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