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We are doing a ton of dropshipping with Collective and it's creating some issues with customers changing addresses, fraud, etc. We would like to have a process/flow that holds ALL Dropship orders from being sent to the vendors for fulfillment until w...
Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately I'm not an engineer and do not know the etiquette of the community and doing my best to communicate the issue. My first move was reaching out to the app naturally, but haven't received a reply so thought I'd ask...
I'm using the Giftship App and trying to get the Gift Message to display on the Cart Page when added from the product page. I tried following the instructions and clearly can't figure it out -
thank you so much, that did change the "red" sections to all white font - but unfortunately it turned the font white in other sections that it shouldn't. Is there a way to just specify color per section?
It worked for the original section - yay!! - but it is still white (the text) for the section above it  There is font under those images - I'm so excited though!! It's almost there!!
One more question  If I wanted to change the font for different "text column with images" blocks on this page - is there a way to do that? I'm guessing calling out the div#shopify-section? For example - this block is on white so would need a red fon...
So close!! It changed everything except the header (not sure if that's the name) - if you could let me know what that is I'd be so appreciative! MORE than happy to tip or send a review 
Wow thank you SO much! Will this change it only for this one page - We'd like to be able to change the font just on that one page 
Hello there! Hoping somone can help me  I'm trying to change the font color in the "text column with image" section to white (both header & body text) - but only on this one page. I'd appreciate any help! 
https://www.shophoneybug.comThank you so much!
Hello there - Does anyone know if there is a way to make the Pre Order Button language vary on different products? We have two Pre Order templates that would feature different shipping dates, but there is only one place in the "language" section to s...
Hi there! We are new to Shopify Plus/Scripts and trying to figure out how to run discounts that exclude a certain Product Type. For example, we are trying to run 10% off clothing but EXCLUDE our Gift Boxes (Build a Box product type). Any help would b...
That's what I thought too? But getting this error - Sorry for the hassle! I'm a marketer, not an engineer - but I know "enough" to get by HA!   
Thanks @WoodyDev!! What I'm struggling with is that the page we want to add it to is json not liquid - so we can't even drop in  the snippet 
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