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Hi everyone, Would love some feedback on my store: Do you see any areas for improvement? You can also browse the store in English: https...
Hi, i would love some honest feedback on my store You have the option to explore the store in English as well. A dropshipping store with 3 new brands in a local market. ...
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Hi everyone, We recently changed our theme and re-did our website a bit.  Would love to get some feedback on our design and if you have any pointers on something that could be better. Our store is: and can also be looked at in En...
Hey @Shopify, you are still not giving any answers to your customers? Why don’t you give your reply on this?
Hey @Shopify, what's up with letting your customers choose the default payment method. Your customers have been asking for this option for months and years. This should be a really easy implementation. Why aren't you listening to your customers? 
We have a new option for payments here in Iceland from Rapyd Payments. This option replaces an older option for this payment provider with a new Shopify plugin. This issue mentioned by Baldur must be fixed as it can severly drive down conversions.
Dear Tim,Thank you for your help. You are right, this is a fault in the developers theme and your solutions worked perfectly! 
Hi,I ran an analysis on my page and it came up with: There is more than one canonical link on this page.I see that under the domain settings for my online store it said:Primary domain: www.ludus.isBut for the third party domain it said: ludus.isIs th...
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