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Hi guys,I'm having trouble with a typeform quiz that I've embedded into my site. I've resized the photos an played around with the settings to get it working on the website which i'm happy with, but when you take a look  on mobile, it doesn't embed i...
Hi @Zworthkey my blogs are here: for example at the bottom they show up. so i have been leaving tags out of other posts which is not great for SEO
Hi, I' having trouble hiding the blog tags that appear at the bottom of each blog post. I'm using Lammer theme and struggling a little to get my head around all the code, however I am slowly getting it. I don't want to delete the tags, just hide them...
Thanks so much Diego! This worked a treat. Thanks for your help! 
Hi, the url is Thanks!
Hi there, I've just posted my first blog post and on the blog page the featured image is huge, taking up half the page on desktop. I'm using the Debut theme and I'd like to know how can I reduce the display of this image? I've looked into the liquid ...
Hi Brie, thanks for your response... no I don't have variants, but I would like to add them on my product page to add more info without making the listing look so bulky. 
Hi, sorry to jump on the bandwagon late, I was wondering the same thing whether drop down menus could be added to the product listing in the Debut theme? Many thanks!
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