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We managed to figure this out finally  It turned out they where using a Pagebuilder, so we manually changed some templates to add the metafields data to the cart, checkout, and ultimately the orders. We also had to add this code to cart-item.liquid:...
This is the result for this flow. Status = Succeeded but no Action is taken??   
What is the correct path to add the correct variable in order for us to update the DELIVERYTIME metafield-key per product a customer ordered?Or in other words, What is the code we need here to achieve that goal?  The flow works UNTIL the Action... We...
For a store we have set specific delivery times per product. For that we use a Custom Product Metafield "DELIVERY-TIME" (which is different per product, like; 'Delivery time is 1 week'). We would like to be able to pass that metafield value from the ...
FIXED!After several attempts I finally found the code "if product.options[0] == 'Size'" to make this work:{%- if product.options[0] == "Size" -%} <a href="/pages/sizetable" target="_blank">Open Size table</a> {%- endif -%}
Hi,  I am looking for a way to show a text link under the Variant Size options, and hide that link for products that don't have the Variant Size option, or any other option). I tried this code, but that does not work:  {%- unless product.options.firs...
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