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Hey @Silk21    You should be able to set up Stripe as both a primary and secondary gateway. This will allow you to process new and updated payment methods with your primary gateway and your migrated payment methods with the secondary gateway.

No guarantee but fingers crossed 
Darn, Looks like from the subscriptions API side there is currently no way to do this. You may have better luck in the forum as I am not super familiar with fulfil...

Hey @tcarmi ,   Would Billing Cycles solve this problem?     Billing Cycles:
Hi @Silk21    The eligibleForSubscriptions check is mostly looking at whether your shop is capable of processing subscriptions. This should check your payment gateways. If you have any payment gateway that can process subscriptions it will return tru...
Hey @kwisk. Thanks for letting us know. Unfortunately I know very little about this part of Shopify. I am going to move this to the general API channel as they are more likely to be able to help or take the feedback 
Hello @kwisk    The cutoff value is expressed in days.   I will look into adding this to the documentation 
hey @gprusiyski.   I haven't looked at this in a bit but is this what you are looking for:
Hey @bstrong.   Can you private message me the details of your shop and user. I will see if there is anything going on.  
Hey @ptt-kmatsubara.   Can you clarify what the issue is? I am not sure I understand 
Hi @miladghale    Are you referring to an AppSubscription or a SubscriptionContract? The provided links were for 2 different APIs.
@Jiazhen wrote: Hi @matart ,   One more question please, from the Shopify API, can I query the remote payment method that I migrated? I want to see the payment token I migrated.   Thanks   Best regards Jiazhen You should be able to see the payment m...
In your migration doc it says "If your current payment gateway is Stripe or Braintree, then you'll use Shopify Payments after the migration." So, isn't it true that we can just disconnect the Stripe account after migration? If what you explain is tr...
So the way the migration works is that you import your stripe tokens and we use those tokens to talk to stripe. We do not import the details of those tokens it remains on stripe attached to that stripe account. If you deactivate that stripe account a...
Hi @ptt-kmatsubara    I am not sure why ready is returning as true. There is neither an error nor an order attached to this. I can see that the payment attempt has done an authorization only. Are you able to retry the billingAttempt with a different ...
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